Apply with Aadhaar (OTP Authentication)
Please make sure that the mobile number and email id which you are using currently is linked to your Aadhaar number. If not, please visit "Aadhaar Update" section in Once updated, visit here to apply using OTP. Alternatively, you can visit any of the eMudhra office to apply using your biometrics.
Applicant Details
Aadhaar GET OTP
Define your own password (Challenge Code) to download your DSC, once approved by eMudhra CA. The same will also be sent to you over SMS / email after approval.
Challenge Code
Confirm Challenge Code
PAN is optional. However, we recommend to provide it, as PAN is mandatory in case you are using DSC for Income Tax Filing, Tenders, etc.
  1. I am the holder of above Aadhaar Number. I hereby agree to authenticate myself using Aadhaar through eMudhra, and provide my consent to collect my Aadhaar and biometrics / OTP, to retrieve my details along with my email ID / mobile number (if available) from UIDAI.
  2. I have understood eMudhra's declaration that, my identity information will only be used for Purchasing DSC.
  3. I have understood that, my biometrics / OTP is encrypted and will not be stored / shared and will be submitted to UIDAI (CIDR) only for the purpose of this transaction. The alternatives to the submission of this Identity information are available in the same website.
DSC Details
Class Type
User Type
Certificate Type
Need USB Token*
Certificate Cost   Rs. 899
Discount Amount (-) Rs. 300
Token Cost   Rs. 550
GST   Rs. 161
Total Amount   Rs. 1610